Clock + divider

13 February 2019

The next bit of the modular synth - a clock to make things step at a set interval. I've designed this board based on a 555 timer, and added a clock divider circuit based on the CD4017 IC to send reset signals at any of 1-10 steps.

The panel is clear perspex with water slide and white spray paint. Lots of fiddly cutting out of the holes after it had stuck on.

The rotary switch for the divider is higher than everything else, which required a fair bit of extension wiring to make everything reach the board.

Now that I've got it all together, I think it probably needs to go a bit faster - the slow end of the rate seems too slow, and the fast end is just not quite fast enough for a 10 step sequence. It's not too bad though. Adjusting some of the resister and capacitor values would make it better.

Final thing that I think it is missing is some sort of stop/start or pause button. Oh well. Maybe next time.