Baby10 Sequencer

8 February 2019

My first tender steps into the world of DIY synth. A 10 step sequencer, with optional gate for each step. The PCB was something I bought from a forum member on Madbean Pedals.

I talked to a local metalwork place about getting some aluminium faceplates made up, and it was going to cost ridiculous money (they had to charge me for a whole 2m sheet, I only wanted about 10cm worth). I ended up making the faceplates out of 1mm thick clear perspex. I figured that would be easier to work with than making my own aluminium plates.

I didn't really appreciate how much drilling was involved until I started doing all the holes. Each of the 10 steps has a potentiometer, toggle switch and LED. Then there were more holes for connections and step setup.

Test fitting the parts:

The connections were meant to be special jacks, but I couldn't find any when ordering, so I've used the cheap Tayda jacks, and 'adapted' them to fit the footprint on the board.

I've then finished the panels with some waterslide decals, with white paint over, and slid them on the back of the perspex. It looks quite good for now, but I'm not sure how long it will stay looking good. It was a bugger to cut out all the holes. Hopefully it won't peel or rip over time.

Next tasks are to make a clock module to drive the sequencer, and then probably an Atari Punk Console type circuit to make some noise. But for now, flashy lights are good.