Atari Punk Console

14 February 2019

The third synth module - now I can finally make some noise to go with the flashy lights. This is the simple Atari Punk Console circuit, and I've added two points for control voltage, as well as an optical based gate circuit on the output. I've also added a trimmer to allow reducing the output volume, as the original is designed to drive a speaker.

Throw in some switching to choose between the control voltage only, or control voltage plus potentiometer, and it's a nice little noise box. I've used 500kC potentiometers, which I think has made the sound a bit more controllable.

The panel is clear perspex, but this time I just printed onto some white photo glossy paper, and I'm using the parts to hold the paper to the back. No fiddly water slide required, and no spray painting, which is a huge plus.

Rather than get a board manufactured, I just did this one on perfboard. It's such a simple circuit that it's easy enough to make it up as you go (after a bit of breadboarding for the gate circuitry).

The finished module, and connected to the clock and sequencer: