Vanilla Fudge

Category: Pedals

2017-05-07 14:12:45

This pedal came about because someone gave me a tin of fudge. My first thought was "ooh, fudge!" followed closely by "ooh, pedal enclosure!". Yes, there is something wrong with me.

Anyway, I decided that it would work well as an enclosure for my partner, and she plays bass. So a bass fuzz circuit was in order. I used a variation of the 'Bazz Fuss' variation from Runofgroove.

I've added a switch to select the diode - 914 for really insane gain levels and fuzz, and a 270 for a more defined sound.

The enclosure was reasonable to drill, but the thin metal did tear in a few places, which I've managed to cover with the washers.

Finished it off with some custom text on the bottom. :-)