Category: Pedals

2016-05-14 11:56:29

This one is a vibrato pedal called the Tri-vibe from Runoffgrove. It's based around an LM13600 chip - again something that I couldn't find locally, so had to look on eBay or Small Bear Electronics again. As is usual, eBay has them cheap, but no idea if they are genuine parts, or what sort of quality they are. I ordered some from eBay, and one from Small Bear to try. Later realised that the LM13700 would probably do the same job, and I could have got that locally for a much cheaper price (from Element 14 or RS Australia).

This was by far the largest build I've done to date. I had to join two perfboards together to fit all the components in the way I wanted, and I left off one of the jumpers at one point, which caused about an hour of frustrating double checking before I spotted the problem.

The pedal works a treat, and can be combined with other pedals such as fuzz or distortion for some interesting sounds. There are three modes, which add various amounts of the dry signal in to the mix, and make it sound more phaser like.

Enclosure is another Hammond box, in orange this time, with sticky printed transparent plastic.