The Rocket

Category: Pedals

2016-06-13 12:02:56

This was a schematic that I found earlier on in my pedal building, and have only just gotten around to trying it out. It comes from DIYStompBoxes.

It went together pretty easily, and I have soldered it up on some perfboard. I had plans to put it in an enclosure with another pedal that I'm working on that I've called 'The Fett' - so together they would be the 'Fett Rocket'.

Cool name aside, putting them both in the same box, with all their switches and knobs, and then working out whether they are chained together, or run through some sort of splitter/mixer, just didn't seem to be worth the extra hassle. The two effects also didn't sound much different, so putting them together didn't really add much to either pedal.

In the end, I put The Fett in the enclosure by itself, and the Rocket missed out.

The Rocket has been retired to my spare parts draw for now - it will probably get finished off another time.