The Alpaca Lips

Category: Pedals

2017-09-03 14:17:37

Oh no, it's the Alpaca lips!

This is a BuzzSaw from 1776 Effects, which is based on the Roland Bee Baa. The "baa" made me think of sheep, and from there it ended up being a photo of one of my mum's alpacas.

Cool sounding fuzz, with lots of different character depending on the settings.

I've tried a laser engraved perspex for the top (from The writing turned out pretty well, and the size was almost perfect. The only issue was the thickness - the potentiometers didn't have enough thread to tighten the nuts. I have done a bit of a countersink on the inside of the top, to give it just the little bit more depth that it needed. The graphics were done using a water slide decal on the enclosure, underneath the perspex.

Switching is a custom built optical switch with a DPDT switch.

And, glowing red eyes. Goes with the theme.