That's no moon!

Category: Pedals

2017-07-13 19:24:44

A pedal that Riley put together as part of his science project this year. He did all of the soldering... I even made him do the off board wiring this time.

Previously when he has done the soldering, I would hand him the parts to use. This time I just left him to select all the parts from the parts list. There was only one mistake made - a 100k resistor instead of 100R. That was enough to make the whole thing not work, and it took me about half an hour to track it down... and another half an hour to realise that desoldering the resistor had cut the trace between the top and bottom of the board. But apart from that one issue it was all good work.

I had designed a nice artistic graphic to go on the front, but when Riley heard the pedal was called "Shoot the moon" he decided on a Death Star themed graphic, which he did himself. Printed it on a waterslide decal, and a few coats of clear spray over the top.

It has some nice sounds - varying between square and sine wave tremolo, which is neat.

And finally I'm using some of the 20 odd giant knobs that I ordered on eBay by mistake months ago.