Solstice Drive

10 October 2018

Another board from Nucleon FX (and I've still got three more almost built, that I need to finish off).

This one is an overdrive with lots of options to sculpt the tone. There's a three way bass switch in the clipping section, and a semi-parametric equaliser after that.

I couldn't decide whether to bias the input stage as a buffer, or to give a bit more of a boost, so I ended up putting in an extra switch to change it on the fly. Probably didn't need it in the end, but I do like options.

Overall - it's a nice sounding drive pedal, and you can indeed get a lot of different sounds out of it.

The enclosure I've done with a water slide decal, which I was happy with. I managed to line everything up really well for a change. I drilled the holes first, then put the enclosure into my scanner, and used that to make a template for the computer. That made it easier to get the graphics spot on.

I then stuffed it up by dropping a knife onto the top of it when cutting out the holes, which has put a scratch in the finish. Dammit. Finished it off with the last bit of yellow perspex that I had laser cut last year.