Multi-stage Phaser - Pew Pew Pew!

5 May 2019

This is a board that I've been working on for a while now. It is based on the Mu-Tron Phasor II circuit, with some components modernised, and a few more options to vary the sound.

There are two rotary switches, which let you vary the number of stages in the phaser, and which let you change the tone capacitors of the first four stages.

The name? I asked my partner what to call a phaser, and she started making SciFi noises at me. Shrug.

The board was designed to fit in a 1590STP size, but it might just squeak into a 1590BB.

I did have one major issue with the board, in that I completely missed one of the traces on my schematic and board. Hence the long wire across the front of the board. :-(

For something different on the enclosure, I've used the drill press with a depth stop, and drilled a pattern using different drill bit sizes. It was a bit nerve racking with the larger bits, as I thought it might actually punch through the metal completely, but it worked out pretty nicely in the end.

For the letter stamping, I used my sledge hammer as an anvil, and then stuck some angle metal on the top of the enclosure using masking tape, to act as a guide. Then used a normal hammer to belt the letters in. Had some issues near the top, where the anvil couldn't support things properly - it ended up bending and tearing the aluminium a bit, which I then had to hammer back into shape.