Liquid Eternity

24 June 2018

The Liquid Eternity is a chorus effect from Nucleon FX, based on the Arion SCH-1 from the 80s. It's a nice sounding chorus, and works well with guitar and bass from my testing.

This PCB came as a prize from the MadBean Pedals Build of the Year competition in 2017, so thanks go to Rutger at Nucleon from providing the prize.

The build took a while - there are a lot of components on this board, and it was very tightly packed. Good soldering practice.

I added a momentary switch in place of R13, to allow for a momentary removal of the dry signal - it gives a really swirly vibe type sound when pressed.

Only issue I had with the build was that I wanted to use a blue LED, but it didn't seem to play nicely with the optical bypass system on the board. I'll revisit that at a later date (or, most likely, just put up with the red defuse LED).

I also need to get a source of metal washers. The white plastic ones don't look fantastic with the rest of this build.

My partner got bought me a voucher for a metal engraving course for my recent birthday (where she finds these ideas I don't know), so I took this enclosure along to the 2nd day of the course. The text is done with a tiny chisel by hand, rocking the chisel side to side as I wrote the letters. The other cuts have been done by a hand held, air powered chisel, to cut the pattern into the aluminium. Then used an air powered stipple thing to put tiny little dots into the pattern. I finished it off with 400 grit sand paper.

It was a fun course to do, and I'll be looking into getting some of the chisels to use on future builds.