Category: Pedals

2017-04-11 20:03:28

This is the first pedal where Riley has done all of the soldering. He's helped out in the past, but this one he did everything on the board and wired in the jacks too. It worked first try too, which is not always a given!

The effect is the Glam chorus from Madbean pedals. It gives a nice wobbly chorus sound. It's a bit noisy, so I might have to try a few different delay chips in the pedal to see if that helps. But overall a nice sound.

It also works well on the bass guitar. Some of the settings give a sort of ringing bell like sound.

The front of the enclosure was done with a vintage typewriter, onto sticky plastic, then sprayed with clear gloss. The text "Don't bore us, skip to the chorus" was something that popped into my head... later found it was the name of a Roxette album. Embarrassing.