Fuzz Face

Category: Pedals

2016-02-24 11:52:49

Having mastered the art of one transistor, I thought I'd move on to two transistors. 100% more transistors! What could possibly go wrong?

For this build I learned about fuzz faces. There's an excellent article on geofx.com about how fuzz face circuits work. I chose a circuit by Jack Orman from musique.com as it was the first one that I found that looked easy to follow.

I've gone with eBay parts on this build - the jacks and stomp switches are about 10% of the price of Jaycar. Downside is that I have to wait several weeks for them to arrive, and no guarantee that the quality is any good. A pack of 10 input jacks had 5 that were fine, 3 that were usable but a bit dodgy looking, and 2 that were so badly made that the thread was at an obvious angle.

For the enclosure I've used an old tobacco tin - one that was left over from my grandfather when he died of lung cancer. At least the tin is getting put to a better use than it's original intention.