Category: Pedals

2017-02-05 11:48:13

Just finished up a flanger pedal. This one is a 'Current Lover' from Madbean pedals. I've only made a few small changes - ran a wire to use the rate indicator as the pedal indicator light as well, and wired the switch off board, as I preferred it in line with the knobs.

The build had one disaster, which was totally my own stupid fault. I put one of the electrolytic capacitors in backwards, and it burst and leaked brown liquid. Luckily I spotted the leak before boxing up the pedal, and was able to replace the part (putting it in the correct way this time).

The pedal needed some calibration before use, and there are some weird and wacky sounds you can get out of it before putting it in a shielded enclosure. The following recording was one setting that seems to have picked up signals from an imminent Martian invasion.

[audio mp3="http://graybloomfield.com/guitar/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Alien-plans-mp3.mp3"][/audio]


Once it was calibrated and boxed, it sounded good.

Decorated the box with Ned Flanders, cos, like, it rhymes with Flanger. Sort of. The Ned Flan-diddly-anger was born. Stupid Flangers!