Clippy McClipFace boxed

Category: Pedals

2017-12-19 19:27:04

I've populated and boxed the DS-1 clone that I built a PCB for. The PCB works, which is a relief!

The clipping options include a mix of 914 and Bat41 diodes, as well as some power mosfets, LEDs, 4001 diodes and some 1n270s, which make the whole thing very fuzzy.

The only major issue with this build was my soldering iron died part way through. I ordered a new fancy one, which was meant to ship overnight...but three days later hadn't left the shop. Turned out that they were waiting on a free gift, which was on back order. Argh. The new iron is a Hakko FX888D station, which is so much better than my 10 year old 15 watt iron with a rusty tip.

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired when doing the artwork, so it got a generic bad 80s makeover, with tiger print and stencil font. Rock on.

Now, what to do with the 13 other PCBs...