Bizniz cards

3 August 2018

I'm speaking at a software dev conference later this month (DevWorld 2018), and I didn't have any business cards, so I decided to make some that would be suitably nerdy.

I've come up with a business card on one side, but if you flip it over you can populate it to make a basic guitar distortion/boost effect.

The build doc turned into an exercise to practice my documentation writing. How much detail do you need to get someone started, if they haven't built anything like this before?

I managed to fit 8 'cards' in a 10cm x 10cm space, and got 10 copies done by Elecrow (and they sent me 12 copies - bonus!). In the end that came to 96 cards, for about $15 US including shipping.

They snap apart really easily, and then I have been filing down the pointy bits with a small file.

If I use them all up, I'll do a fuzz face next... if only because I can call it BizNizFuzz.