19 October 2018

This is two more boards from Nucleon FX, combined into the one enclosure. First up, a Saturn V distortion, then second, a Redstone boost and equaliser. The distortion is really good, it makes you feel like a rock god, even if you can only strum a few chords like me.

The boost and EQ after lets you switch to a different tone really easily. They work well together. It also works well with the bass guitar.

Given that both boards had rockety type names, I went with a rocket type theme for the buttons. This is my first attempt at stamping the letters on with metal stamps and a hammer. It turned out OK! I've used some model paints to colour the lettering, and sanded it off to 240 grit.

For the letter stamping, I used my sledge hammer as an anvil, and then stuck some angle metal on the top of the enclosure using masking tape, to act as a guide. Then used a normal hammer to belt the letters in. The anvil idea worked OK, but wasn't as effective on the lettering closest to the edge, where it wasn't quite supporting the top of the enclosure.

Did I realise after stamping all the letters and doing all the drilling, that I'd put the wording for 'In' and 'Out' on the wrong sides? You betcha. I had to cut the lettering away with the rotary tool, then redo it on opposite sides. *sigh*