New (old) Amp Day

24 April 2019

We scored this old amp today - for free! It was being given away on a local 'free stuff' website, and we got in first.

It's a Prince PG-100SA - solid state 30w amp. As far as I can tell, it would have been produced in the 1970s by the Prince Tsushinkogyo company. They renamed in 1980, and stopped making amps in the mid 80s.

It's got a bit of character, and could do with some cosmetic work, but it still fires up and worked fine.

I'll need to replace the back panel, fix the carry handle, fix the power light, and maybe change the scratchy volume pot. One of the inputs seems to have been glued in place at some point, and wobbles a fair bit, so I'll replace that too. I'll also have to find some knobs for it, once I work out what the original would have looked like.

It has a small spring reverb built in, as well as a tremelo effect.

Not bad, for free! :-)