Pedal shelf

16 March 2018

We had a long weekend here last week, so I got to spend some quality time in the garage working on special projects. The first was a shelf to house the pedals that I've built. Until recently they've all been piled up in a shelf unit, along with all my electronics stuff. The unit was moved out to the garage, so now everything is in boxes on the floor.

The new pedal shelves have a 30 degree angle, so the pedals are all nicely displayed, and will hopefully be easy to grab and play.

I've built them out of pine - the plan was to stain them a dark red, to match the furniture that they'll be sitting on. Turns out I underestimated two things. First, how quickly a black stain will soak into raw pine. Second, how heavily an enthusiastic 10 year old helper will be when applying black stain. The end result was a lot more 'heavy metal' than I was aiming for. But that's OK.

Here it is finished, with the pedals housed. Room for building a few more.