Organ project: Volume fix, plus vomit removal

20 May 2018

Fixing the master volume knob turned out to be more fiddly than expected. The potentiometer had a special framework that it was built into, and the shaft was extra long. The replacement part was quite a bit shorter, so I needed some way to mount it so it poked through the top panel by the right amount.

I ended up making a bracket out of some aluminium, which holds everything in place and puts it the right distance from the panel.

I also pulled an area of the lower keyboard off this week, and confirmed why the keys there were sticking when pressed. One of our cats had vomitted on the keyboard at some point in the past. Ugh.

After soaking in soapy water, then spraying with some more harsh chemical cleaner, they came up OK. The solid bits of leftover vomit have been vacuumed out, and the keys now feel much more responsive.

However, two of the keys are refusing to work still... so I suspect the vomit problem may go deeper. I'll need to disassemble the whole lower keyboard to get to the bottom of this.