The Spray, and the Reveal

Category: Warlock

2017-05-22 16:34:28

On Sunday Riley and I taped up the parts that we wanted to keep red, then started spraying black paint. I used electrical tape on the edges, as it was a bit flexible and could be bent around the curves. Then used painters tape to cover the rest.

We got three coats done, then were called away to dress up in a giant orangutan suit and dance in front of a market stall for the rest of the afternoon. Don't ask.

The coats came up pretty well, a few runs in a few places, which I sanded back down.

Today I've noticed that the electrical tape wasn't the best idea to use on the tight concave edges, where I hadn't folded it over the edge. It has unstuck itself. There are a few places where the black paint got where it shouldn't have. So I've replaced that tape with the painters tape.

I did two more coats of black, then left it for about an hour before removing the tape. Have to say, I was very nervous about this part. I was half expecting the tape to remove either the black paint next to it, or the red underneath. But in the end it came out quite well.

A few small stuff ups here and there. I am going to leave the paint to dry for the rest of the week, then try sanding a little bit off to fix up these areas. The edge is also a bit wonky in places, but given the complete lack of experience with this, I'm pretty happy with how it's come out.