Seeing red

Category: Warlock

2017-05-13 21:06:01

The weather was favourable today, so I started spraying colour. First off, a coat of red all round the edges, using 'Milano Red' car paint. The front and back will be done black later.

Spraying colour seems to have gone OK, after the living nightmare that was primer! Five or so coats of red were done from various angles. The few tiny bits were the primer was sanded off seem to look OK so far. Fingers crossed the paint will stay on.

I ended up using the whole can of red, and then a few hours later remembered that I wanted to save a little bit to do the knobs. Damn.

For some reason, the paint job seemed to attract every tiny insect in the garden, who all decided to get themselves stuck to the drying paint.

The next exciting job is to watch the paint dry... literally. I'm going to leave it a week to make sure it's really dry before putting any tape on it to do the next colour.