Primer time

Category: Warlock

2017-04-13 20:42:58

The Warlock guitar has been sanded with 150, 240 and 320 grit sand paper now, and the grain filled with some Timbermate. Time to add some colour. And the first step to adding colour is to spray everything a boring drab grey...primer.

I've gone with some auto acrylic paint from Super Cheap Auto... so if it turns out crap, we know who to blame.

I've not sprayed primer before, so wasn't expecting it to be so... gloopy. It's really textured and gritty. I guess that's so it fills in any gaps and scratches. Riley helped with the spraying, and we ended up doing about half each. A few coats of primer later, it is still showing some of the wood through in places, so I don't think we put on enough.

I'll sand it back in a few days time and then we can put on more primer, before moving on to the actual colours. Which we still haven't made a final decision on.

Update: Sanding started, and it doesn't look right to me. The primer seems to be very bumpy, and I'm sanding down to the wood before I manage to remove the bumps.