More sanding

Category: Warlock

2017-07-29 17:17:01

Sanding of the clear coat is progressing slowly. Getting the whole guitar down to 1200 grit took about 7 hours. A lot longer than I expected. I've then sanded to 1500 grit (2 more hours), then 2000 grit (3 more hours). From an angle, the finish is quite reflective, but front on the finish looks like brushed metal - ultra smooth, but still with fine scratching.

This week I started on the 4000 grit pad. That takes the scratch patterns down quite significantly, and you start to get clearer reflections front on (and mirror like from an angle).

Stuff up of the month was when I got bored with sanding, and decided to break the monotony by setting out some of the plates and jacks. I marked the drill holes and drilled a few holes in the finish. All good, until the wet sanding pushed water in to the holes... which then allowed the wood to absorb the water and swell up. The result was raised bumps around the holes. I dropped some thin super glue into the holes to close them up again, but the damage was done on some of them - more sanding required to fix.

I've also noticed a few water leaks around the switch holes on the front of the guitar, which has raised the wood up there too. Hopefully the knobs and washers will cover that up.