More clear, plus a neck

Category: Warlock

2017-06-14 09:58:04

This week we've been concentrating on the neck of the guitar. We're going for a dark stained look, using some ebony transparent stain/oil.

First up, we have sanded to 240, then grain filled with ebony Timbermate. Then sanded to 320 grit, and started staining. After three coats it's looking pretty good. I'll probably do one more coat to get it a bit darker, then finish it off with an oil coat over the top.

Riley also designed a logo for the guitar. It looks a little bit 'lower back bogan tattoo' to me, but seems to work pretty well with the guitar style. For some reason I want to call the guitar 'Shazza' from now on. I printed it up on some water slide decal, sprayed it with clear acrylic, then slid it on to the first coat of stain. It seems to have stuck and is staying in place after two more coats of stain, so that seems promising.


I also got some more of the red spray paint, and hand brushed some on to the areas where the primer was showing through. A few days later gave it a light spot sand, and also sanded the back a bit to remove the splatters from last clear coat. Then yesterday I did three more coats of clear. I also tried spraying the top of one of the knobs in red, to see how that looks. I'm not convinced it will look any good, but I'm keeping an open mind.

I think there needs to be a word to describe the feeling you get when you're on your final (6th) coat of clear, and a giant insect flies directly between your spray can and your guitar, and said insect ends up plastered on the front of the guitar. I'm hoping there is a word for it in German or something. Gemaltinsektenbedauern?