Guards, guides, and a name

Category: Warlock

2017-08-28 16:54:36

I decided that the crappy looking back cover really didn't look great, so ended up making a new one out of perspex. Used a round over bit on the router, and then sanded through to 12,000 grit to make it ultra shiny on the edges. Having had some success with the back cover, I had another go at the pick guard. This time, used a proper countersink bit to do the holes, and that worked perfectly. The black reflective pick guard matches the paint really well, and gives the whole thing that little bit extra.


I've also got a string guide tree to go on the head, as I was thinking the middle strings were bent a bit too much. Got a cheap one, and it shows. The supplied screws both snapped off when screwing them in. The guide is also too small, so the strings flick out from under it at the slightest bump. Back to the eBays for another look. :-/


Final bit of work for this week - Riley has named the guitar. He has called it 'Vulcan'. After the Roman god of fire, etc. Not the pointy eared people from Star Trek.