Clear spray, hooray. Arrgghh!

Category: Warlock

2017-06-05 20:50:20

After letting the red and black paint dry for a week or so, I have done some careful sanding, and scraping with a razor blade, to remove the areas of black paint that got where they shouldn't have. That worked out alright, but I also managed to remove some of the red paint, so there were a few spots of primer showing through again. Dammit.

I fixed up the few spots of primer with a red felt tip pen, as the ink was almost a perfect match for the red paint.

I still had some black paint left over from spraying, so I sprayed some on to a piece of plastic, then scooped it onto a small paint brush and filled in a few spots by hand where the tape wasn't quite right.

The back and front also got a sand with 1200 grit wet paper, to level off a few splatters.

Saturday we had a day over 15 degrees, so Riley and I started spraying the clear coat.

First disaster struck pretty quickly. The red pen ink reacted with the clear spray, and turned bright yellow, and also spread across the guitar in lines following the spray direction. AARrrgghhhh. I tried to mop it up pretty quickly, then after half an hour sanded it back where the yellow was still visible. That resulted in taking a bit more red paint off, and showing a few nasty areas of primer. Worse than before putting the red pen on. AARrggghhhH!

Riley had an issue with the nozzle at one point, so we've got some splattering of the clear coat on the back of the guitar. I've also sprayed a bit too much on the sides in a few places, so there are a few areas with too much clear, which has run. Other than those few issues, the spraying went OK, and Riley was doing a good job.

After three coats of clear (with 30 minutes drying between coats), the weather had turned, and it was too cold to spray. The guitar is now drying for a few days while I decide how best to deal with the primer showing through the red. I'll possibly buy more red paint and fix it up with a brush.

There's still more clear spraying to be done, then 2 weeks (or more, with this weather) drying time, then the sanding and polishing begins.