Rounding the edges

Category: Guitar building

2016-12-20 09:54:14

Used a round over bit and then some sanding to make the edges of the body more rounded. It's amazing how much a rounded edge makes it look more 'guitar like', rather than a plank of wood.

I've also finished off the fret board edges. Somehow the piece moved when I was routing one of the straight edges, so it's cut in quite a bit more than it should have been. I've tried to disguise that by curving the end of the board, to make it look like it was on purpose.

Annoying discovery of the day - I have cut 22 fret slots, and just realised that the frets I've purchased have 21 in the pack.

I've also cut out some plugs for the fret markers, and drilled and glued them in to the board. They will get sanded down later.