Head, body trimming

Category: Guitar building

2016-12-09 21:05:12

I decided that the body of the guitar was a bit too thick - 42mm was a bit much. I don't have access to a thicknesser (yes, that's a real word), and really didn't want to try to take 3mm off the back with a hand plane. I used the router to cut away the back, leaving just enough to support the router for the next pass. Once that was all done I propped the router up on a few bits of wood and took off the remainder.

The back now looks a complete mess. :-/

Next, sanding... so much sanding. It's probably at least an hour of sanding to get the back smooth again, and to remove all the little circles from where I pressed the router down a bit harder.

I've also been working on the head of the guitar. Made a template in MDF, reusing the curves from elsewhere around the body. Then did a few passes with the router to cut it out. Most of the bits of extra wood that I had glued on to the head turned out to be unneeded, as I didn't need to go that wide.