Fret board gluing

Category: Guitar building

2016-12-21 20:35:22

This evening I've fitted the truss rod, and glued the fret board on to the neck.

The truss rod went in fine, and I've put some silicone around it to make sure it doesn't move or rattle. Hopefully.

Gluing on the fret board was stressful. It was messy. I don't want to do that ever again.

Clamping the thing in 5 different places, while trying to make sure it is on straight was fun. Then the glue starts to expand and ooze out the edges, which I was prepared for. Then, the glue started to ooze out through the fret markers, and through every little crack in the fret board. That I wasn't prepared for.

Luckily I noticed in time, otherwise the fret board would have ended up with a large piece of scrap wood glued and clamped to the top. That would have been a bummer.

At this point I've got to wait another few hours before the clamps can come off, and I'm still going out and wiping off the excess glue every half hour as it bubbles out the joins.

Will update in the morning when I find out if this whole thing has been a monumental learning exercise.


The glue job has come out OK. Bit of glue leakage through some of the fret board, and around the edges, but it should be fine with some sanding.