Bass guitar - wood purchased

Category: Guitar building

2016-10-29 19:37:00

I went to my local timber recycler - Thor's Hammer - and picked out some Brushbox to use for the guitar body, and some Ironbark for the fret board. The bigger pieces have spent time in warehouse beams, and the thinner pieces would have been floor boards pulled up in demolitions.

I had ordered enough to get the two side pieces out of the big piece of wood, but once I got it home I realised if I lined everything up really carefully, I'd be able to get the two sides out of overlapping bits, and have a nice big bit left over for other projects. This was going to be either a brave or stupid decision, depending on how careful I was with the jigsaw. After two or three days of thinking about it, I decided to try the cut.

It worked out... just. I didn't realise that my jigsaw cut at such a terrible angle - while it looked like I had plenty of room on the top of the wood, the bottom of the cut is about 5mm closer to the edge.

I placed the pieces together and placed the template on top - it all fits (with millimetres to spare at some points).