Bass build - templates

Category: Guitar building

2016-08-15 21:11:08

For fun, I threw together some scrap wood that I had lying around to make a basic 'guitar' shape, then fitted a bridge, single string and tuning peg. It's held together with a few wood screws, it vibrates like crazy, but I hooked up a pickup and it was surprisingly playable even like this. Hilarious. The whole point of this was to learn a bit more about how to set up a bridge, nut, tuning peg and pickup positioning.

The next phase of the bass guitar build was to create a proper template of the body. I've taken the cardboard template and drawn it onto some MDF, then cut that out using a router. I then stuck it on to the scrap wood guitar to get a sense of scale. The MDF template will be what I use to routing the body shape. When I actually get round to purchasing some wood, that is.